Time Bicycles Moving to South Carolina

March 23, 2023 5:52pm by rob
Time Bicycles is moving production to South Carolina, where it will build the nation's largest carbon fiber bicycle manufacturing facility. Time acquired a 140,000-square-foot factory in Landrum, and will begin renovations next month.

This puts Time very close to Spartanburg, home of BMW's U.S. manufacturing plant. The choice to locate here was no accident.

"Their composites program is leading edge," Karklins said. "They have done significant work over the last decade in resin transfer molding technology. And that's the reason why we've come to the area because we are the one bike company that exists in resin transfer molding. Resin transfer molding is the way automotive and aerospace are manufacturing carbon fiber products. So the tech is there."

This is HUGE news for the American bike industry.

Read more in Bicycle Retailer.

Review BikeList on Google

March 21, 2023 4:56pm by dan
We can really use your help. Yes, YOU. Please leave a review of BikeList on Google. This will help spread the word.

Seller of the Week: Jeff Dalik from BikeMD

March 20, 2023 12:24pm by rob
Welcome back to another edition of Seller of the Week: the blog series where we ask our favorite sellers five easy questions!

This week’s seller of the week is Jeff Dalik from BikeMD in Baltimore, Maryland! Jeff has been selling with us since November--everything from a Parlee gravel bike to a Campy peanut butter wrench! See all his listings!

How did you get into bikes?

I feel my interest in bikes was innate. As soon as I experienced the freedom to go places at a young age, I just wanted to explore and be social. I also liked how easy it was to work on a bike in the 70s and the noticeable improvement from cleaning and greasing a chain and ball bearings in the hubs and bottom bracket. I was self taught and recall my father saying "You took it apart so I guess you know how to put it back together," although he would have been glad to help if I needed it. I got more serious about my interest after completing the 1989 Cycle Across Maryland bike tour, a 420 mile ride from Hagerstown to Snow Hill. It cost $90 for the whole week long of support. I met my riding partner who inspired us to race and later open a bike shop in 1996. I am still managing a bike shop twenty-seven years later and love to share my passion of bikes.

What bike do you ride the most?

Lately, the bike I ride the most is a Trek Conduit eBike as a commuter for my 24 mile roundtrip to work. But the bikes I enjoy riding the most are a Waterford R-33 with SRAM Red and a Ritchey 650-B with Shimano XTR. I prefer the feel of steel frames.

What is your favorite bike ride?

Any time I ride with my kids is my favorite. I no longer track average speed/heart rate/etc. and ride for the fun factor.

Campy or Shimano?

I rode Campy in the 90's and early 2000's when it was still mostly metal. I lost interest in Campy when all the carbon bits showed up and the complexity grew. SRAM became my preference on the road, but Shimano will always win on the MTB side for me.

Any big plans for the next year?

I coach a NICA team that my son races for and I see that as the major plan for this year, with a special trip to Shenandoah or Ashville. It is his last year, unless he chooses a college that has a team. We'll see...

Seven Cool Things About the Ibis Mojo

March 17, 2023 12:00pm by rob
I bought an Ibis Mojo new in 1995 while working at my last bike shop job in San Francisco. I still have it, and still ride it several times per month--it's one of my all-time favorite bikes. Earlier this week I shot this quick reel and posted it on Instagram. I also listed another Mojo frame that sold within hours.

So here's my list of seven cool things about the Ibis Mojo:

1. Moron tubing! This custom drawn oversized tubing helped make the Mojo one of the first "modern" steel hardtail frames. And with the name Ibis poked fun at Ritchey Logic and Columbus Genius.

2. Breezer dropouts! Light, incredibly strong and helped stiffen up the rear triangle.

3. 28.6 seat post! Fat tubes meant a fat seat post. Not always the easiest size to find!

4. An actual head badge! A little showy perhaps for a mountain bike, but still cool.

5. Made in Sebastopol! Where it all started. Ibis moved to Santa Rosa a few years later and then went of business before coming back to life in 2005 as a designer of carbon frames made overseas.

6. Paint! Ibis probably had the best paint of that era, led by the famous Erika.

7. Hand job! Iconic, silly fun.

Electric Slide: eMTBs and Trail Access

March 10, 2023 9:45am by rob
eMTBs are here to stay, and increasingly present on roads and trails around the United States. And many of the newer versions like this Santa Cruz Bullit or the Trek Fuel EXe below won't look much different to a casual observer than their "acoustic" siblings.

However “rules about eMTB access on singletrack are complicated and often differ from state to state or even trail to trail within the same area in accordance with wildly varying rules set by local land managers.”

Read IMBA’s deep dive on this complicated and controversial topic and let us know your thoughts in the comments! How do you feel about eMTBs and trail access?

Seller of the Week: Eric from One Oak Bicycles

March 6, 2023 8:42am by rob
Welcome back to another edition of Seller of the Week: the blog series where we ask our favorite sellers five easy questions!

This week’s seller of the week is Eric from One Oak Bicycles in Paoli, Wisconsin. Eric recently listed several incredible bikes with us, including this iconic and absolutely mint 1993 Bridgestone RB-1!

How did you get into bikes?

Pretty early on byway of a cheap family hand-me-down that my dad and I tricked out (including a rad rrrRaw Power sound hand grip). Once the training wheels came off, that was my first true taste of independence. A couple BMX bikes followed but quickly transitioned to road bikes at the dawn of the Greg LeMond era, customizing each and every bike I've owned along the way to a nearly 28-year career (and counting) in the bike industry.

What bike do you ride the most?

A neo-retro vintage Mike Appel with Campy Record 11 and deep-section carbon sew-ups.

What is your favorite bike ride?

A 30-ish mile ride my brother-in-law and I do multiple times each year while on vacation in upper Door County, Wisconsin.

Campy or Shimano?

From the tattoo on my ankle to my visit to their Vicenza HQ last June, it's Campy or nothing for me.

Any big plans for the next year?

Hoping to host a unique high-end Velo Swap mid-to-late Summer for local/regional cycling aficionados, and a Spray. Bike paint party in early Autumn when temperatures are best for spraying outdoors.

The Buddy Bike on BikeList!

March 2, 2023 3:49pm by rob
I met Shelley at the Philly Bike Expo last year. She is the owner and founder of Bikes For Every Body – Home of The Buddy Bike.

What is The Buddy Bike? The Buddy Bike is an alternative tandem bicycle with rear seat steering. It is a bicycle for riders with special needs providing adaptive and therapeutic cycling for riders with autism, down syndrome, sight impairment, balance issues, low muscle tone and other disabilities that would prevent them from riding a bike safely on their own.

Like most folks in the bike industry, they have experienced some supply chain issues, but they are getting back up to speed, in part thanks to working with Stephen Bilenky of Bilenky Cycle Works. You can pre-order bikes through their website, but if you want one now, there is a pre-owned Buddy Bike Sport for sale on BikeList!

Seller Update - Relist your listings every 60 days

March 1, 2023 9:58am by dan

Summary of Change

Later this week we will start sending out email notifications to Sellers with listings that are over 60 days old and have not sold. The Seller will need to click on the link in the email to renew the listing for another 60 days. If more than one listing is expiring, then each individual listing will need to be renewed. A reminder email will be sent out the day before removal and a notice if the listing is removed due to no response from the seller. A listing can always be re-listed from the seller's account even after it's been removed.

Action Required by Seller

If you get an email notice, click on the link which will take you to your account where you can renew each listing.

Reason for the change

We've had to refund buyers recently due to sellers no longer having the item available to ship. This is not a good buyer experience. Some of these buyers will not come back because of this, which hurts all sellers. Sellers forget to update listings sometimes. We get it. We are hopeful that this re-listing reminder will help.

Tell us what you think

Rob and I read each email and respond. Contact Us

Travel Bike Frames on BikeList!

February 21, 2023 6:22pm by rob
It’s fun to travel and it’s even more fun to travel with your bike! To make it easier and cheaper to bring your bike on the plane, several companies have come up with designs that will allow you to pack a full size bike into a smaller, more portable case. The two leading designs on the market are the S&S Couplers and the Ritchey Breakaway. I’ve owned each (still own a Breakaway) and have no strong preference between the two. And now we have two great examples on the site right now--and both are great all-round bikes! One is a Ritchey Outback Breakaway and one is a Surly Cross Check with S&S couplers.

Have you owned either design? What did you think?

Ritchey Outback Breakaway

Surly Cross Check with S&S couplers

Dan Interviewed by Road Bike Rider

February 16, 2023 12:05pm by rob
Dan caught up with Sheri Rosenbaum from Road Bike Rider when he was at CABDA last week and had a chance to tell her a bit about what we are trying to do at BikeList.

Read the interview here!

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