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What is BikeList?

BikeList is THE place to buy and sell new, used and vintage bikes, e-bikes, parts and accessories. Created by cyclists for cyclists, we are dedicated to making buying and selling fast, safe and fun.

Origin story

We have been buying and selling bikes and bike parts since we were kids–from BMX to road bikes to fixies to mtb. We have sold and bought countless parts and frames on eBay and Facebook. But all of those options have… issues. We grew frustrated. We slowly let the boxes of parts and frames grow in our basements and garages. We have built other sites before and knew we could do better. We saw cool sites like Bring a Trailer and Reverb build a better experience for car and guitar nerds. We want to bring that same energy and experience to bikes!

A marketplace with cool bike stuff

We work hard to find and promote the sellers with the best stuff–whether that's rare vintage BMX parts, last year's high end racing gear or just a great commuter bike. And we make it easy for buyers to discover and purchase with confidence.

Easy to Use

With decades of experience building websites, we know that it’s important for a marketplace like BikeList to be fast, simple, and easy to use. We have seen how needlessly complex businesses lead to bloated and buggy software. Keeping BikeList simple, fast, and useful for our buyers and sellers is core to our business.


Buying and selling bikes can be just as fun as riding them. BikeList is the place to find some very cool, rare, and interesting cycling gear. We want to move beyond the typical ratings and reviews found on shopping sites and build a welcoming and very social community of cycling fans.


Connecting buyers and sellers in a cycling marketplace requires a degree of trust. We work with only the most trustworthy financial vendors for handling our customer’s transactions. We strive to provide personalized service, vet our sellers, seek out feedback from our community. We use our own product to buy and sell our own bikes and parts and continuously work to make BikeList something to be proud to be part of.

Low Fees

We charge a fee to cover our expenses, pay a living wage for our employees, and provide a reasonable return to investors. As a small company, we intentionally run a lean operation and work hard to keep our costs as low as possible so we can keep our fees low. We keep our fees as simple and easy to understand - no hidden fees or nickel and diming the sellers on BikeList.

What makes us different?

We are hyper-focused on building the best cycling marketplace for new and used bikes, parts and accessories possible. We are not a tech company that will move onto the latest trend in order to grow fast. We’re also not a bike company that outsources development - we are cyclists and engineers. We built our own marketplace platform from scratch which will have social and ecommerce features built for the cycling community and not seen anywhere else.

What’s next?

BikeList is still very very new and there is a long list of features to add. But we prioritize what we work on based off of what BikeList community members need the most. We want to hear from sellers and buyers of their top needs. If you can’t wait to give us a piece of your mind, then reach out and say hi or check out our blog.

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Rob: Heads up Marketing, Brand, Content & Community
[email protected]

Rob’s first job was at a bike shop. He wrenched in shops for ten years, until jumping into the Internet in the mid-90s. But he’s been looking for a way to get back to bikes ever since.

Bike he rides most: 2021 Ibis Ripley
Favorite bike: Team Motorola Eddy Merckx with Dura Ace
Next project: 1995 Fat Chance Yo Eddy


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