Philly Bike Expo Recap

November 1, 2022 11:38am by rob

We had an awesome time at the Philly Bike Expo! We were slammed! I wanted to walk around and see more folks but it was hard to get out of the booth! Next year we will be there with more folks.

We did get to know our neighbors, and we had some awesome ones. Like Kurt Boone from Messenger841 on my left and the great folks from Planet Ert on my right. We were directly across from Tim at Digit Bikes with his cool new analog suspension frames, and the guys from Big Bobble Hats, who had flown in from the UK. And I also got to spend some time with the Time folks and Boyd and Nicole Johnson from Boyd Cycling.

I had a lot of fun answering questions about BikeList. Here are some of the most common questions. These are mostly all handled in our FAQ, but I’ll give my short answers below.

What do you do about stolen bikes?

As a first step we have integrated with Project 529. Stay tuned for more!

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How about shipping?

We recommend BikeFlights for shipping bikes. For parts and accessories USPS or UPS. You might look into discount shipping rates through places like Shippo.

How are you different from Pros Closet?

Pros Closet holds inventory. We don’t. We are simply a platform. And we are more focused on community.

How are you different from Pink Bike?

Pink Bike is awesome. But it’s mostly a forum. They make the intro between buyer and seller but they don’t facilitate transactions.

How do your fees compare to eBay?

We are lower. We have one simple fee - 9.9%, with no hidden charges. See details here.

How do we help you sell your stuff?

We specialize in getting the word out via earned and paid media. Our proprietary platform is optimized for search engines. We post and promote on our social channels and work hard to get our listings into Google shopping feeds and in front of buyers with high intent. We also blog about our favorite sellers!

Thanks to Bina and the whole crew at Philly Bike Expo. They did a truly outstanding job and I’m already looking forward to next year! If you missed our coverage during the show, check out our pics and reels on Instagram!

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