Seller of the Week: Crimson Stallion Cycle Supply

January 23, 2023 5:33pm by rob
This week's Seller of the Week is Crimson Stallion Cycle Supply! We met these guys down at CABDA two weeks ago and they started selling on BikeList last week! They are a company of four cyclists that have been selling online since 2011 and have a combined 100 years of experience in the bike biz (from wholesale to retail). All of them ride for fun and also commute by bike regularly. Answers are from Ron (the owner) pictured below! Be sure to check out their cool listings from these Dura Ace R9100 cranks to this Rasta Marin Muirwoods frame!

How did you get into bikes?

I got into bikes at a very young age. I have always loved to ride rather than drive. I have evolved from putting bikes together just to make it work, to being very particular to what components are “allowed” go into one of my builds. Even if I am not riding, I find myself nerding out on bikes I see around town. My current collection has grown to an unreasonable amount. “The right amount of bikes is always one more than you own!”

What bike do you ride the most?

I am a big proponent of the 90’s 26” bike scene at the moment! The bike I currently ride the most is my 90s Mt. Shasta Tempest MTB. These are a small bit of 90’s GT history - Mt Shasta existed as a sub brand of GT. This bike is currently set up on a 1x10 Shimano Deore drivetrain, 880mm wide custom riser bars, and Panaracer Smoke and Dart gumwall tires. It even came stock with a GT seatpost and GT stamped fork! The frame has an amazing brushed aluminum finish.

What is your favorite bike ride?

My favorite type of bike ride is one that has no plan. While it is definitely nice to have a predetermined route, I find myself enjoying a ride that includes new scenery, good weather, and lots of dirt! There are so many areas to explore here in Southern California - we are spoiled with such amazing weather and natural sights.

Campy or Shimano?

While Campy has its place in new and classic builds, it can be funky! Odd standards, compatibility, availability seem to be challenging. However, you cannot deny its class and quality. I am a big fan of Shimano, and always have been! It is very easy to work with, great quality across the board, and parts are easy to replace. Compatibility amongst different generations is always a plus!

Any big plans for the next year?

Plans for the next year are to ride more, get lost in adventure and spread positivity on all levels. I am inspiring waves and smiles on the paths and trails. Another good goal would be to clear out bikes and bike parts to free up some space!


crimsonstallioncylesupply January 25, 2023 4:40pm PDT Reply

Thanks Dan! Looking forward to being a part of this community. We have some photos on our IG @crimsonstallioncyclesupply

dan January 26, 2023 11:49am PDT


dan January 25, 2023 2:24pm PDT Reply

A great addition to the growing BikeList community. Welcome Crimson Stallion! I wish we had a picture sharing feature on here because I'd love to see that Mt. Shasta! I'm nostalgic for the 90s mtbs...

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