Deals on Womens Cycling Shoes!

January 26, 2023 9:27am by dan
You might be wondering: what's up with all of the womens cycling shoes on BikeList today? Let me explain.

Our friends at the non-profit Pedal It Forward in Northwest Arkansas collect, refurbish, then distribute free or low-cost bicycles to folks who can’t afford them. It's a great cause.

They sometimes get items that are a little tricky to distribute through their program. Things like high end road bikes, accessories, and even cycling new shoes. That's why we have the BikeList non-profit program for organizations like Pedal It Foward. We waive our seller fees for these non-profits and help promote their listings.

Know of any non-profits with items to unload? Send them our way!

Also, give Pedal It Forward a hand and check out their listings.
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