Seller Spotlight: polthedestroyer

February 5, 2024 11:58am by rob
This week’s seller spotlight is on Paul Doble AKA polthedestroyer, who has sold a ton of bikes, frames and accessories on BikeList since he joined in September 2022. Currently he is selling a few cool bags like this Velo Orange bag and this Ostrich bag. You can also follow Paul on Instagram!

How did you get into bikes?

I started cycling when I moved to Los Angeles because I was broke. Everyone said I needed a car but it turns out the cycling infrastructure included buses that had bike racks attached and a subway and light rail system that let you put your bikes onboard. So I pretty much spent no time in cars. Perfect weather, wide open spaces, passing cars stuck in gridlock, it felt like freedom. But I really started nerding out about bike history and design after moving to NYC 13 years ago. The cycling community here is big, strong, and diverse. It's great.

What bike do you ride the most?

My bike Enola, photo attached, is my all season commuter. I bought it from a guy who was living out of his car 11 years ago. It was originally an 80's touring bike, but 2 years ago I converted it into the ultimate rat bike: intentionally rusted 40 year old Japanese frameset, fat tires, silver chrome components, skinny road bike saddle, flat bar, and a 3 speed coaster brake wheelset. Cyclists appreciate it, thieves think it's garbage. It's perfect. Sometimes I actually take it to other cities instead of my modern bike, an All-City Space Horse.

What is your favorite bike ride?

Crown Heights, Brooklyn, to Jacob Riis Beach. Going from the city to the sea.

Campy or Shimano?

Shimano. Campy is expensive, beautiful, and wholly unnecessary for my riding style.

Any big plans for the next year?

Planning a 12 hour ride to the tip of Long Island, NY, and a 9 hour ride to Philly. And I'm really excited to convert a 90's mtb into a touring bike. The frameset is a Giant Sedona ATX with the poison dart frog paint job that shimmers in the sun.


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