Otso Voytek 2 SLX

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Voytek 2 takes what the original Voytek started and makes it better. This is a fat bike that rides like a mountain bike on snowy trails. We overhauled Voytek geometry to give you a fat bike that lets you go even faster with more confidence. Voytek 2 has adjustable geometry via the patented Tuning Chip dropout system like all Otso bikes, as well as the new GeoChip head tube system that alters geometry at the front end of the bike. It has clearance for 26" x 4.6" or 27.5" x 4.5" tires, suspension correction for a suspension fork, internal cable routing, lower standover, and several more updates. When the snow melts, swap in a 29" plus wheelset to keep the party going all year. Voytek changed the world of fat bikes when we announced it in 2016. Voytek 2 is here to do it again. ************************************************************** Angry Catfish's website is tied into Otso's available inventory. If you are visiting our store to view the bike, please contact us before coming, to ensure we have what you're looking for. ************************************************************** Narrow Q factor Voytek 2 feels more like riding a mountain bike than a bike built for 26" x 4.6" tires because it has a narrow Q factor. The Q factor of a bike is the distance between the outer surfaces of your two crank-arms. The narrower the Q factor, the more natural it feels to pedal and handle the bike because it is closer to your normal biomechanics. It also allows for stronger power transfer to the pedals, more efficient pedaling, and increased overall performance. Adjustable Geometry When pairing the GeoChip head tube system with the Tuning Chip rear dropout system, Voytek 2 geometry has unprecedented adjustability. Pair a long wheelbase with a slack head tube angle for a stable ride in deep snow. Pair a short wheelbase with a steeper head tube angle for a responsive ride on packed, tacky snow. Or mix and match based on your riding style. Customize Reach and Head Tube Angle GeoChip is a new integrated system that allows you to adjust reach and head tube angle. Three sets of flip chips nest in the frame and hold the headset upper and lower cups. One set of GeoChip flip chips allows for +/- 10mm of reach adjustment, another allows for +/- 1 of head tube angle adjustment, and the third allows for +/- 2 of head tube angle adjustment. This means that you can easily adjust your reach or head tube angle at home based on the riding ahead. With two reach options for each bike due to GeoChip, Voytek 2 effectively has eight frame sizes. Tuning Chip Rear Dropout System All Otso bikes are equipped with adjustable geometry via our patented Tuning Chip rear dropout system. The Tuning Chip can adjust the wheelbase by up to 20mm, raise or lower the bottom bracket by up to 4mm, and adjust the head tube angle by +/- 0.5. With the machined aluminum flip chip in the rear position, Voytek 2 has a longer wheelbase, lower bottom bracket, and slacker head tube angle for confidence and stability in deeper snow. Use the front position for more responsive handling on packed trails with tight turns. A middle position chip pairs the best of both worlds. Tire Clearance and Wheel Swapping Voytek 2 can fit 26" x 4.6" or 27.5" x 4.5" tires on the stock rims. A full breakdown of tire/rim pairings can be found below in the Tech Specs. To achieve this wide tire clearance with an extremely narrow bottom bracket, the rear hub has a 5mm outboard offset to prevent chain rub. Voytek 2 can also fit 29" x 3.0" tires. So when the trails are packed with snow, ride 26" x 4.0" tires, then when the snow melts and the trails turn to dirt, swap in your 29" wheelset for plus mountain bike riding. Voytek 2 was designed to accommodate multiple wheel sizes without compromising ride quality. Modern MTB Geometry Voytek 2 builds on the geometry that we pioneered with our original Voytek. We gave Voytek 2 a slacker head tube angle, steeper seat tube angle, shorter standover. This updated geometry allows you to go faster with more confidence. Suspension Correction Voytek 2 is suspension corrected. This means that you can build it with a 120mm travel suspension fork without drastically changing the geometry of the bike with a rigid fork. Dropper Compatibility Dropper post routing has a fully internal sleeve via a port behind the head tube. The Wolf Tooth Resolve Dropper Post is an option on the Voytek 2 Custom Bike Builder. Large Front Triangle A larger front triangle means that you can fit more cargo for your ride. Use this space for a custom frame bag, two bottles, or anything else that you need to carry for the ride ahead.
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