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Fat Tire Electric Bike NAKTO Cruiser 26"BlackMOTOR :Rear Hub 36V 300WG.W : 68 Lbs with battery.BATTERY36v 10Ah Lithium BatteryPACKING1580*280*775mmRANGE22-28 MilesTire26"*4"CHARGING TIME4-6 HoursDERAILLEUR6 Speed SHIMANODISPLAYLED displayerLIGHTSFront LED light, rear reflective lightSENSORSpeed SensorWIRING:Waterproof Connectors and Wiring HarnessBATTERY LIFE:Up to 1000 CyclesRIDER HEIGHTS:5'3"--6'3"BRAKE:Front and rear disc brake FUNCTIONS:Pedal Assist On-Demand ThrottleMAX LOADING:110KGMODES:3 MODESFRAME:steel frame Nakto CruiserNakto cruiser is Nakto most influential fat tire electric bike. Due to its excellent design, good performance and low price, it has become one of the best performing fat tire electric bicycles in the Nakto brand. Further more, Nakto R&D team has developed various outstanding fat tire electric bikes based on cruiser suitable for different customers , such as super cruiser, mini cruiser, folding mini cruiser, etc.Nakto cruiser is equipped with a large 36V battery, 300W motor, front and rear disc brakes, and Front suspension Fork. As a fat tire electric bike, it is very outstanding.Need more fat tire ebikes pls click HereNakto is a professional electric bicycle manufacturer. We have our own R&D team ,factory and a professional performance laboratory. We are committed to providing everyone with high-quality and low-cost electric bicycles. In addition to fat tire electric bicycles, we have folding electric bicycles, City electric bicycles and various accessories 1.The Power system of Nakto CruiserBatteryAn excellent fat tire electric bike needs a strong endurance, this time you can travel long distances without worries, so we equipped Nakto cruiser with a high-quality 36V lithium battery. The 36V lithium-ion battery has good safety performance, built-in overcharge protection. This type of battery have undergone thousands of repeated discharges and safety tests. The battery performance is safe and reliable MotorFor fat tire electric bikes, strong power is one of the most important factors affecting the riding experience. In order to provide morel power to fat tire electric bikes, Nakto cruiser is equipped with a 300W brush-less motor. In terms of motor selection, our R&D center conducts various comparative experiments on different types of motors, including temperature rise test, noise&vibration test, protection level test, etc.Based on a comprehensive analysis of the results, our R&D team has selected the most suitable motor for fat tire electric bicycles--CZJB 300w brush-less motor.It can provide a higher speed range with better thermal performance.It is more efficient and offer more precise motion control than their brushed DC counterparts. 2.The Safety of Nakto CruiserBrakeA good brake system is the guarantee for safe riding, especially for fat tire electric bikes, because fat tire electric bikes often need to face various complex terrain conditions. How to ensure the safety of customers during riding is the most important thing for the nakto R&D team . Our disc brake have strictest performance requirements, including stringent and delicate controllability, stability, and capability to handle various terrain and weather. Head lightFor every cyclist, night riding is inevitable. In order to ensure the safety of customers riding at night, nakto cruiser is equipped with professional lighting equipment that suitable for fat tire electric bikes. The stability of this headlight is excellent. It is perfectly adapted to the bumps caused by fat tire electric bikes when you explore different terrains, It has great lighting intensity. High brightness headlight can give you a clearer vision, accompany with your fat tire electric bike go though darkness 3.The comfort of Nakto CruiserFront suspension ForkWhen riding a fat tire electric bike off-road, comfort is an important indicator of judging whether a fat tire electric bike is excellent. Therefore, the design of the shock absorption system is very important. Nakto R&D team chose to equip cruiser with Front suspension Fork. This front fork has outstanding shock absorption characteristics, allowing you to run unimpeded in any terrain without fear of bumps,It can educe the bumps, make climbing easier, and save more effort when riding long distances. SaddleNakto cruiser is equipped with big comfortable saddle with strong damping spring, you will never feel tired even after a long distances riding, which is essential for new fat tire electric bike riders. SHIMANO 6-speed-GearsNakto choose SHIMANO 6-speed-Gears gears to allow your motor to cover a range of speeds and gradients efficiently. Choose the right gear to save your energy.The advantage of the transmission is that it can help you effectively reduce your physical exertion in the case of poor physical strength. So it will be easier if you choose a lighter gear than when riding. So the benefits of variable speed cars are indeed too many.The function of the bicycle speed change system is to change the speed of the bicycle by changing the cooperation of the chain and different front and rear gear plates. According to the abilities of different riders, the speed of the bicycle can be adjusted by adjusting the size of the front and rear gears, or to deal with different road sections and road conditions. Fat TireThe most prominent feature of a fat tire electric bike is its fat tire. Compared with ordinary tires, fat tires can be used in more road conditions and weathers. The nakto R&D center deliberately optimized the design of the fat tire surface pattern, and conducted hundreds of tests on the durability and damage resistance of the fat tire, and finally selected the best quality model for fat tire electric bikeFat tires will also give riders a more comfortable riding experience, High-volume tires allow you to run low tire pressures, and low tire pressures typically beget a more comfortable ride. Fat tires take that notion to the extreme. Whereas you might run 60+ psi for a road bike, 40+ psi for a hybrid, and 20+ psi for a mountain bike, fat tire electric bikes allow you to ride with as little as 5 to 10 psi in your tires. You'll want to add pressure for pavement and remove air for off-road riding but the overall decrease in tire pressure allows the tires to compress over bumps, smoothing out the ride for you. 4.The handling of Nakto CruiserDisplayerNakto cruiser is equipped with a displayer, HD LCD display, Big screen show you clearly about Voltage Level Status\PAS level status\current speed, etc.Various settings can be made through the displayer, such as setting different mode: throttle only, PAS only (padel assistant system) , and the joint working mode of throttle and PAS.Set zero start, non-zero start. Set PAS intensityNumerous functions are waiting for your exploration, you can set up a perfect electric bicycle according to your preferencesFeaturesShipping Packing List and TimeA bikeA Battery chargerA BatteryA ToolkitAn Owner's manualA Basket( for Camel, Classic)* The basket and the bike will ship in two packages to protect safe; Shipping time is 3-5 business days
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