Centurion Le Mans Vintage Road Bike

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Late eighties Centurion Lemans. 60cm. Chromoly Tange number 2 double butted frame tubing. Chromoly fork. Shimano Sport LX derailleur. Shimano Exage Sport hubs, bottom bracket, and Biopace crankset. Exage Sport caliper brakes. Sport LX downtube shifters. Indexed rear shifter. Friction front shifter. Bars swapped to flat bars and Shimano Exage Trail brake levers. Araya Japanese rims. Bike has been fully overhauled and cleaned. Hubs, headset, and bottom bracket have been re-greased. Bike has scratches and scuffs throughout. All spots on frame and fork where original paint has been chipped have been sealed with clear. Bike rides very nice and looks great!
Listed on: March 22, 2024
Listed in: Bikes
Category: Road
Size: 60 cm
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rob March 22, 2024 5:00pm PDT Reply

Love it!

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