Cane Creek | Hellbender 70 T47I Bottom Bracket 24Mm Assy

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Cane Creek Hellbender 70 Bottom Bracket Smooth-running precision With high-end features borrowed from their top-of-the-line Hellbender 100, the Cane Creek Hellbender 70 Bottom Bracket is a precisely crafted bottom bracket that provides exceptional, smooth-rolling ride quality, with the legendary longevity that Cane Creek is known for. It all starts with the 440C stainless steel sealed cartridge bearings, which feature a dual lip seal to prevent dirt and water ingress, and marine-quality grease for added durability. The machined aluminum bottom bracket cups are precision-manufactured to exact tolerances, for smooth installation and creak-free reliability. There's a Hellbender 70 for nearly every bike, with available options for BSA, PF30, BB30, P41/92, and T47 threaded bottom bracket standards. Shop our selection of bottom bracket installation tools here Features Stainless steel 440C cartridge bearings with dual lip seals for reduced water and dirt ingress, and marine-quality grease Precision-machined aluminum cups for an exact fit for threaded and press-fit bottom brackets alike Machined in Fletcher, NC at the Cane Creek factory Anodized black finish for a stealth look with long-lasting durability SPECIFICATIONSBearing Type Stainless Steel 440C Sealed Cartridge Bearings Available Bottom Bracket Types BSA, PF30, BB30, P41/92, and T47Installation Tool12-Notch, 46mm (Race Face/Easton-type) | Cane Creek | Hellbender 70 T47I Bottom Bracket 24Mm Assy
Listed on: November 29, 2023
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Brand: Cane Creek
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