Seven Cool Things About the Ibis Mojo

March 17, 2023 12:00pm by rob
I bought an Ibis Mojo new in 1995 while working at my last bike shop job in San Francisco. I still have it, and still ride it several times per month--it's one of my all-time favorite bikes. Earlier this week I shot this quick reel and posted it on Instagram. I also listed another Mojo frame that sold within hours.

So here's my list of seven cool things about the Ibis Mojo:

1. Moron tubing! This custom drawn oversized tubing helped make the Mojo one of the first "modern" steel hardtail frames. And with the name Ibis poked fun at Ritchey Logic and Columbus Genius.

2. Breezer dropouts! Light, incredibly strong and helped stiffen up the rear triangle.

3. 28.6 seat post! Fat tubes meant a fat seat post. Not always the easiest size to find!

4. An actual head badge! A little showy perhaps for a mountain bike, but still cool.

5. Made in Sebastopol! Where it all started. Ibis moved to Santa Rosa a few years later and then went of business before coming back to life in 2005 as a designer of carbon frames made overseas.

6. Paint! Ibis probably had the best paint of that era, led by the famous Erika.

7. Hand job! Iconic, silly fun.

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ngallagher77 June 16, 2023 7:22am PST Reply

What size is your frame? Medium or large? And what's your height/etc?

I picked up 1998 medium Mojo 18.5 center to top - have a feeling a large may be a better fit.

May play around with stem/set back to see if I can alter fit.


rob Author June 16, 2023 1:54pm PST

Medium and I'm 5' 11. I think you will be fine.

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